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Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll Featured

If only it was sex, drugs and rock and roll: the Modern Dilemma.

Mental health disorders are common in children and adolescents. As GPs we see an increasing number of teenagers with symptoms of anxiety and depression.

 It is a good thing that these young people present for help and recent mental health promotion and increasing recognition and acceptance of these illnesses has helped make it easier for people to seek help.

The reason for the development of a mental illness is complex with many factors at play some of them unique to the individual but others have their roots in the environment of the young person. The rise of social media and electronic gaming has coincided with this rising problem in young people. Although association does not imply causation it is certainly a factor well worth studying.

Parenting in any era is difficult but one could argue that the current generation of parents have had a unique social phenomenon to contend with while bringing up their children. There has been no previous generation of parents who have had to steer their children through the social media world without a rulebook or the guidance of those who have gone before.

Adolescent’s brains are still developing. What is the long term impact of the highly addictive and distorted world of social media and gaming at a time when a person is most sensitive to the approval of their peer group and seeking a sense of self and belonging?

A recent podcast that addresses this issue and suggests a way forward is:

How the iPhone rewrote the teenage brain

If you have children of any age it is well worth taking the time to listen.

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